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Born into a poor family, witnessed the tragedy of his mother and his baby sister getting killed by his father in front of his eyes, a serious car accident, which he was first pronounced dead that left him partially deaf and gave him gestural and speaking difficulties, which later became part and parcel of his eccentric personality, a tumultuous relationship with a movie actress and singer who is 21 years older than him. Muslum found his redemption in music from the initial trauma that lingered over his musical and personal life as "internalizing the grief. He rose through his ashes of shattered dreams like a phoenix. He walked in darkness, sang songs filled with sorrow which stirred people's souls and created a cult following. They were calling him "Baba" (The Father). First he was the Father of the young, low-income urban misfits or rejects. With his eccentric personality, tender, mournful, resonant unique baritone voice and his unconventional vocal style, lyrics that conceal much of real poetry raw and tender he then became the Father of people from all socio-economic backgrounds. He redefined arabesque music and inspired a generation.

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